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Some work will be finished


Here in dry dock, the OCTOPUS for the night ride standing before connecting the camera was equipped with LEDs.
It was about 450 cm LED Stripes installed and wired accordingly.
Power source is a lead acid battery 12V - 7.5 Ah - about 4 hours burn time hereby

On the decks of one, two and three LEDs are mounted on the ceiling
On decks four and five other LEDs were processed. These are on the side wall about 1 cm
been assembled from the ground. This light as the deck structure.

It has also installed a dimmer yet, as the lighting shines a little too bright.
Does not work perfectly at the moment, as the two LED types can not be settled together.

At the rear, 12 LEDs was installed at the landing site yet, and 2 LEDs for the landing field
(On basketball) and two more at the rear of the stairs.

The headlight assembly on the bow are also functional, and transition to the front
Mast was still equipped with LEDs.


It is in the shipyard lot rebuilt.
A sound module from LE electronics were installed. Here is a taste

Will be installed at an amplifier 2 speakers to get a good sound

Because on a yacht sometimes a party or a live event coming up,
I have found a great MP3 player. A cube, 3x3 cm with micro SD card.
The plays MP3 files and can be a good and a servo off
Listen below there


Changes have been made
The lighting was reorganized and rebuilt

Currently it looks like

Lighting deck 1 and 2 -
Led to the ceiling - with a new potentiometer fully dimmable from almost dark to full brightness.
This circle the mast lighting, lighting around the pool and on the rear part of the Beleuchtund down - lighting 4
This includes the lighting bug - Transition and the two lights on the front building

Lighting deck 3 and 4
here, the LEDs on the side are attached to the bottom - will not be dimmed
and the interior light cover 1

lighting 3
Here are the 4 individual LEDs in the rear with mean

Helicopter landing deck lighting

Lighting in the pool