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Here ist the place where OCTOPUS is maintained and further developed.

There are in planning a sound module, a smoke generator, possibly underwater lighting with LEDs,
and some lights that shine down on the lift and illuminate the page.

For copyright reasons, I can unfortunately no original upload pictures to show this.
Running requests, if I can use photos here.

It is certainly interesting to compare original and model side by side.

May 2013

Today, the two Rotroblätter was equipped with mini-motors on the helicopter landing pad on the rear.
Model is made of metal and the milling and drilling operations were not so simple. But Done
So the helicopter on the stern can now turn both rotors, a bit more detail Realitätund

Next week, a sound module from LE ELECTRONICS is installed,
and the LED lights are controlled by two separate pots, the whole
will then be controlled by two servos. So hand does not always have to be created.